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People really have to be told this?
So I bought a leather bag today, and as I was unpacking the tissue paper from its various compartments, affixing the shoulder strap, etc. - all the little rituals one does with a new piece of luggage - I noticed that one of the several tags it came with contained the following disclaimer:

This leather is a natural material and therefore subject to change from hide to hide and with daily use. The distressed appearance with occasional blemishes and variance in color is normal. Variances in the consistency of this leather are inherent of its natural beauty and personality.

And I thought, Really?!

People need to be warned about this? "Hey, this bag is made of leather. That means it won't look 100% exactly like any other one, even the very next one off the production line, which is the same model and listed as the same color in the catalog. And you know what else? In a month, it's not going to look exactly like it does right now. And a month after that it won't look like THAT. And so on. Welcome to the real world, kiddo!" Are there people old enough and capable enough that they can buy leather valises for whom all of that is not intuitively obvious anyway? Really? Are there actual grown-up bag-buying people out there who get angry when their bags patinate and send them back with angry letters about product quality? I can only assume something like that is what motivated the company to go to the trouble and expense of procuring these tags and including one with each bag, after all.

Shit, man, when I was a kid, someone with a shiny, stiff new leather bag or jacket was an obvious amateur, deserving only of ridicule (or at least pity), until such time as the item broke in and started to look like somebody actually owned it. Now it's considered enough of a flaw that leather-goods manufacturers feel a need to apologize for it up front?

I don't get it. I just don't.

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dvandom From: dvandom Date: January 24th, 2014 11:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
All it takes is one "False advertising! It didn't look like the promotional photo!" lawsuit....
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