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Doing the Math - Way Out
this way to the fabulous egress
Doing the Math
The 209-foot length and 213-foot wingspan of a Boeing 777-200ER airliner delimit a rectangle with a surface area of 44,517 square feet.

The Indian Ocean's surface area is 28,350,000 square miles, or 790,352,640,000,000 square feet. That's enough space to park 17,753,951,074 777-200ERs without overlapping them.

As such, no, actually, I don't consider it particularly shocking that no one can seem to find one in the other.

News flash, modern timers: that "telecommunications makes the world smaller" thing is a metaphor. The world is the same size it's always been; that is to say, on the scale of human perception and interaction, pretty frickin' big.
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ninjarat From: ninjarat Date: April 8th, 2014 08:53 pm (UTC) (Link)
Mr. Needle? Meet Mr. Haystack.
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